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Manufacturing, Sales and Services over 30 Years

  Sripinong Truck Co., Ltd. up grade from Charoenchaikarnchang Garage where operated over 30 years ago by founder named Mr.Pitak Charoenchai. To the next generation by Mr.Sombat Charoenchai, youngest son, who ability to run the business well and grow up to expand the factory and named newly to Sripinong Truck and Construction Co., Ltd. in  88/4 Moo 1 Marbpong Phanthong Chonburi and Honorary Advisory Chairman by Mrs.Pornpen Charoenchai. We do both of Truck and Construction field.

   Till 2013, We got trucks field more over to do both so we change to focus only Truck and change the name to Sripinong Truck Co., Ltd. We try to make an innovation and beyond truck evered to support customers need.


​   We try to present the concept and products for customers know that the price today is valuable more in the future and why choose the lower price to get bad grade items. This concept is because the executive manager has traveled around the world over 30 countries such as USA, Cananda, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New zealand etc.   All care in detail and quality of trucks especially in rescue and prevention vehicles such as Fire Truck, Ladder Fire truck and also daily life served as Sweeper Truck, Sewer dredging and cleaning  Truck, CCTV Truck and internet extener signal mobile.  


Being a leader in vehicle development in response to local, city and nation for the safety and convenience of the lives and well-being of the people of the country.


- Design, manufacture and maintenance products for the development of Thai society in terms of safety and Safe in life and well-being as well as property.
- Get into the hearts of customers at all levels. Impressed.
- Pushing for equal access to local automotive products
- Done according to the contract to be accurate and fair. According to the benefit of the people importantly.

Executive Profile


   Mr. Thanet Charoenchai (Ko)​


   Tel. 084-8888-901   Line Id. ko2181​


   Good Man Chonburi ​


    Civil Engineering (B.E)

    Public&Private Management (MPPM)​

    Studying Ph.d. Strategy and Security.

Job and Duties

    Second Vice District Governor of Lions clubs international 310C, Thailand.

    Managing Director and Advisor for 4 companies.​


    Re-Cu Junior 5, Chula.

    MMM 52, Nida

    SCB IEP12

    KSme 16


example of our customers

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Rai Grape Co., Ltd.,     Hongthong Supply Ptd.,     Subsomboon Truck Ptd.

Official Dealer for Government, civil service and state enterprise


Pornpitak Supply Co., Ltd.

Deliver the work according to the contract

Standard products

Safty Uses

Attentive to service

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